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Victor Patrascan is back at the Badger in March! After we made the switch from Ohrana to Badger Victor was the first headliner we had on, and he was so good we wanted him back, and lucky for us all, he wanted to come back!

Being Romanian is a new thing for Victor. Back home he was just a guy, but now he lives in the UK where he is mostly considered Polish.

It’s going to be a completely different set from last year (must be easy, only coming by once a year… -Harri) so whether or not you were there last year, you should definitely check him out. It’s topical, it’s surreal, it’s political, and it’s sure as hell hilarious.

‘A delightful burp of art’ – Jack Brooks
“Like getting high with your best mate” – David Mills
“Singular comedic voice” – Chris Betts
“Insightful, deadpan and utterly charming” – Sindhu Vee

Warm-ups at seven are Joan Valis [ESP] and Ferrix Hovi [FIN] and at nine Henric Chezek [USA].

And of course, your host Harri Soinila with some fresh stories about something that hasn’t happened yet at the time of writing.

It’s going to be more fun than a badger full of Adderall! Only 12€! We highly recommend getting an advance ticket:



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